Declared Teams

Every team can be a high performing team! DECLARED TEAMS starts at the human level creating a road map to navigate and solve the inevitable conflicts, challenges, tension, and politics that seeped into all teams.


Team Identity is the foundation of every team, it provides a shared sense of meaning. When we start with why it helps you understand what drives the behaviour of the team when the team is at its natural best. Using the Simon Sinek methodology, Find Your WHY, teams discover what business they’re really in.

DECLARE IT! over delivered against my expectations, and those of the team! The most common quote I heard was, “Wow, I wish we had more time with the DECLARE IT Team!” That in of itself is a great complement, and reinforces the positive exchange you provided to the team – their time in exchange for new knowledge, insights and actions. Your content was engaging, and struck a cord with the entire team. And you balanced that content with a personal delivery style that promoted “trust”, and thereby created an environment where our team could be truly open, honest and forthcoming in a way I did not see possible. That is not an easy task, so I wish to congratulate you on achieving such a high level of trust in one single meeting!

Wilf Goodman, General Manager – SDI Marketing


The Team Alignment Map (TAM) is a simple and visual tool that helps cross-functional teams collaborate better, by establishing a common language and sharing the most crucial relevant information needed to coordinate with one another more effectively.