The Eye Test

My beloved Toronto Blue Jays had their season end the other night impart because leadership had a very specific pitching strategy.

And they executed that strategy despite new evidence that was unfolding right in front of their eyes.

The evidence?

The starting pitcher had the opposition unbalanced. Flustered. Looking lost at each at bat.

The eye test was obvious. The starting pitcher was, as they say, “dealing”.

The fans in the stadium could see it.

Everyone watching on tv could see it.

His teammates could see it.

His competition could see it.

The only ones who couldn’t see it or refused to see it was the leadership. They stuck to their strategy regardless of what the eye test was telling them.

The result? The new pitcher immediately gave up two runs. The difference in the game.

Now, I’m not saying that decision is solely the reason why the Jays lost the game.

I am saying it contributed to the loss because it deflated the team, and energized the opponents.

Never notice our great leaders have strategic plans AND they trust the eye test, pivoting accordingly.