Obvious &Oblivious

I’m often asked why I shaved my head. Ummmm…isn’t obvious? (👇photo evidence)

Well it was obvious to my friends, co-workers, and any pilot looking for a runway to land their plane. Look at that landing strip I called a hairdo! 😳🤦‍♂️

And yet, I couldn’t see it. I was oblivious.

Partly because I didn’t want to see it.

Mostly because I actually didn’t see it. I truly believed it wasn’t that bad.

It wasn’t until my colleague and dear friend David Yates shoved the evidence (the photo) in my face, forcing me to deal with the reality.

Shortly thereafter…💈🪒 👩‍🦲

Everyone has blind spots.

If you want to know yours, simply ask those who you spend a lot of time with. It’s obvious to them what you’re oblivious too.

You wanna know a difference between our great leaders and the not-so-great?

Our great leaders asked us for the obvious.