Wasting Time

This weekend my friend captured me living Otis Redding’s hit song, “sittin on the dock of the bay”.

See, I was literally sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the boats roll in, and I watched ‘em roll away again. 👇

But, while I was sitting on the dock of the bay, I was NOT wastin time as Otis suggests.

In fact, sittin on the dock of the bay was anything but wastin time.

It was re-energizing. Rejuvenating. Refuelling.

Sittin on the dock of the bay allowed me to recharge mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Three critical energy sources.

Every day we expel energy, and yet every day we don’t replenish it. We just keep pushing ourselves, running on empty.

Funny, we would never think about treating our phones that way.

However you charge your battery, do it! You’re not wastin time.