Tom’s Diner

In 1987 Suzanne Vega released the song “Tom’s Diner”. The first time I heard the song, it struck a chord in me. I loved it.

However, in 1987, “Tom’s Diner” did NOT fit into my preferred musical genre. Nor was it “cool” amongst my circle of friends. I felt embarrassed for liking the song.

Tom’s Diner became a guilty pleasure.

Privately, I would sing along, bobbing my head and shuffling my feet. The song brought me joy.

Yet publicly, I would scoff at it. I’d poke fun at the song and anyone who said they liked it.

Outwardly I was projecting arrogance and judgement. Internally, I was crumbling from self-betrayal.

I felt conflicted.

What it all boiled down to was confidence. More specifically, a lack of confidence.

I was afraid to be myself.

Ever notice our best leaders have the confidence to be themselves. And it’s that vulnerability that makes us choose to follow them.