Dude, Where’s my car?

I left the grocery store by the doors I always do. I turned right to go to the small parking lot to the side of store as I always do. I pressed “open trunk” on my key fob as I always do. But my trunk didn’t open as it always did because my car was not there, like it always is.

In an instant I was flooded with panic, confusion, anger, and fear. I felt lost as my mind raced. I stood there frozen for what felt like a lifetime but I’m sure was less than a minute.

And then, I started to laugh because the last thought to hit my brain was “wait, you didn’t park over here today”.

I completely forgot I parked in the middle of plaza because that I dropped my dry cleaning off first. I choose a spot that was equal distance to both stores.

However, as soon as got into the grocery store a funny thing happened to me, I went into automatic pilot mode.

My brain shut off, I was simply going through the regular motions. I was no longer actively paying attention.

As I sat in my car, I started thinking where else in my life – my parenting, my relationship, my leadership – am I on autopilot.

To move towards the things you say you want, you must be deliberate and intentional with your actions. Autopilot only keeps you where you already are.