Thread Count

During a recent stay at a hotel, I immediately noticed the quality of the sheets as I slipped into bed. Wow! It was like what my 5 yr old self imagined sleeping on a cloud would feel like.

These were some quality sheets.

The next morning I went to the concierge to ask about the sheets thread count. His explanation surprised me.

I leaned that the quality of sheet is made up of two parts; thread count and type of thread. However it’s the type of thread that truly determines the quality of the sheets, not the thread count.

I always believed the opposite, the higher the thread count meant the better the sheets. As it turns out there is not a standard way to count threads. Therefore, companies can exaggerate this number, misleading us to believe it represents quality.

Yet the true measure of quality can’t be faked because it is the core of sheets; its the thread.

It’s a lot like leaders. They are made up of two parts; credentials (thread count) and character (type of thread).

Credentials are often used to dazzle and impress us. They can be exaggerated in an effort to elevate a persons status.

Yet character can’t be faked. Character defines the person at their core. And while credentials can temporarily blind us, it is character that we ultimately see.

We follow character not credentials.

Ever notice our best leaders have more character then credentials?