This is Claire

The restaurant was busy. An hour wait for the table or you can sit at the bar. Me and 5 other patrons choose the bar.

Within minutes of sitting, Mark (I presume the head bar tender/server) handed out the menus, poured everyone water and took our beverage order.

He and another server returned with our drinks. With beverages in our hands Mark said;

“Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to Claire. She is new and we need your help to make her great. We want to you to ask her questions. Make them tough because this is how she will learn.”

With that, we all raised a glass and said “hello Claire!” She returned the greeting.

In a short few minutes Mark demonstrated effective leadership by;

  • setting everyone’s expectations.
  • letting Claire know he’s got her back.
  • handling over the reins so she was “doing” vs merely watching. He knew experience is the best teacher.

To be an effective leader doesn’t take a lot of time. It simply takes a commitment.

Be like Mark today!