Brotherly Love

My daughter was in a panic. She was going to be uncharacteristically late for work. It was her fault and her issue. She was stuck and asked her brother for help.

Seeing his sister in distress, my son dropped what he was doing to drive her to work.

A lovely gesture in and of itself and yet it didn’t stop there. He spent whole the car ride talking with his sister, calming her down, helping her reset. Letting her know that she would be ok.

She was. His sister had a great shift at work.

As a parent, my heart swooned with how my son helped his sister but that is not what I was most proud of. You see, I learned about this act of brotherly love from his sister. It was my daughter who told me, not my son.

I was most proud of my son’s humble demonstration of leadership.

He did not come home with the need to self promote and act like a hero.

He did not come home with the need to complain about his sister and act like a victim.

He simply came home and quietly went back about his day, acting like a great leader.

Great acts of leaderships are often quietly demonstrated yet loudly shared by those on the receiving end.