Your Core

I hobbled into my chiropractor’s office in desperate need of an adjustment. And just like a good ‘ol bowl of rice crispy’s (snap, crackle and pop) I was good as new.

Until three days later when I was back on the table needing another adjustment.

My chiropractor told me I didn’t have a structural issue, but rather I had a core issue. He said because my core was weak, the other muscles weren’t working in harmony with each other causing instability and imbalance, resulting in my body being out of alignment.

It got me thinking🤔…

Leadership teams are the core of all organizations and a strong core creates harmony, balance and stability for the rest of the team to maximize performance.

Does your organization have a leadership six pack? Are they training the core?

PS: Thanks to my son Sam for the art work.

PSS: I was NOT the model for the sketch 😞