Anything Else?

A few years ago I started doing this thing when I was out with my kids. When we ordered something, inevitably the cashier or server would ask, “anything else?”.

I started responding with “would you like anything?”

This would get a laugh or smile and a bashful shake of their head no. Sometimes I get a “thanks for asking though”.

I always got a smile but no one ever said yes. For three years, no one had ever accepted the offer.

Until Vivian.

Here was our conversation:

Vivian: “anything else?”

Me: “would you like something?”

Vivian: places her hand to heart, smiles with confusion and says “are you serious, you would buy me something?”

Me: “yes I would. Is there something you want?”

Vivian: with tears in her eyes and a beaming smile, “I can’t believe this. Thank you so much.” And she added her order to my bill.

Me: with tears in my eyes and a beaming smile, “you’re most welcome.”

What started off as something playful had turned into a valuable lesson for me; all relationships require courage.

1) The courage to offer and give help.

2) The courage to accept and receive help.

Today, be courageous.