Ordering Food

Staring at the menu I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I just ordered “food”. The server was rightfully perplexed. When he was seeking to clarify I snapped back saying “just bring me food! How hard is that?”

He returned with a proud smile carrying a beautiful dish; almond crusted salmon with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

As he placed the food in front of me I told him “this is not what I wanted”. I told him to “take it back and try again.” My disdain was apparent and his proud smile had evaporated.

This happened three more times. Him bringing out a dish and me sending it back with disdain and no further instructions to help him out.

Ok ok ok. You’re right, this never happened. I mean how idiotic would it be to go to a restaurant, order generic food and then yell at the server for not delivering what you wanted when you weren’t clear in the first place.

It’s beyond idiotic. It’s asinine! You would never do this.

Yet this happens daily inside organizations. Leaders are not clear on their expectations – they give generic instruction and direction, and then shit all over the work their people did because it wasn’t what they “expected” – even though they weren’t clear on their expectations.

Great leaders order specific dishes not generic food.