Rent Free

For Bob to live in a one-bedroom apartment in any of the cities below, his monthly rent will be…

Toronto: $1,800.00
Vancouver: $1,950.00
New York: $2,900.00
Los Angeles: $2,500.00
London: $2,600.00
Hong Kong: $3,600.00

Rent is expensive. And yet Bob has lived rent free in my head for the past 6 months at an astronomical cost to me.

With Bob as my new “tenant”, I have lost sleep, confidence, focus, energy, productivity, humour, my sanity and a couple of relationships.

And worse of all, Bob has no idea he’s occupying my penthouse. This is all my doing. I have given him the keys to my kingdom and allowed him to run wild.

This all started because I avoided addressing a tough issue head-on with Bob. Instead I chose to gather allies who would confirm my “hard luck story” about Bob and my “mistreatment”. Which, as good allies do, they gave me the justification I needed not to address the issue with Bob because my allies confirmed Bob is the problem not me.

So I’ve been ruminating and stewing.

And in the meantime, Bob moved in…rent free.

If you have a few tenants living rent free in your head, consider this: the price we pay for confronting tough issues head on pales in comparison to not confronting.

Go ahead and take back the keys to your kingdom, it’s a price worth paying.