Paper Jam

The CEO walked into the copier to grab his documents from the printer.

I watched him realize his print job was incomplete. Then I watched him press a combination of buttons on the machine. Then I watched him open a series of compartments until he found the paper jam. He Removed it. Reset the machine and voila the printer starting working again.

The CEO fixed the paper jam. The CEO! He didn’t delegate the task to his EA. He didn’t ask any of us in the copier room. He just did it himself.

The thing that impacted me the most was HOW he fixed the paper jam. He was calm. Cool. Collected. No huffing and puffing. No swearing. No banging. No drama. No self-importance.


You are always leading by example and someone is always noticing the example you set.

The question to ask ourselves is “What example am I setting?”

PS: I also saw the CEO refill the paper trays.