Sean Hubbard

Leadership is not an either/or proposition, it’s always present.

Every day, everyone is demonstrating leadership. And our leadership moves us in one of two directions, towards or away from our goals.

The question we must continually ask ourselves is, “What type of leadership am I demonstrating, effective or ineffective?”

Declare it Leadership Development

Effective leadership requires a deliberate intention and focus on shifting the way one thinks, feels, and acts. One doesn’t simply stumble upon success they must DECLARE IT!

DECLARE IT! works with leaders, teams, and organizations to expand their leadership capacity so that they can take their next step forward.

Our Services

Declared Leaders

Leadership demands have shifted. Technical skills alone can’t address the new reality leaders are facing. This “new normal” requires leaders to be equipped with behavioural and mindset strategies that increase the likelihood of success.

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Coaching
Declared Teams

Every team can be a high performing team! However, working in a team requires more effort than working alone; team members must constantly synchronize with each other.

DECLARED TEAMS starts at the human level creating a road map to navigate and solve the inevitable conflicts, challenges, tension, and politics that seeped into all teams.

  • Team Identity
  • Team Alignment

“This was not what I was expecting, this was different, we are still talking about it”

Jennifer Carman, Director of HR, Brenntag Canada